Red Sun Sunflower Seeds

Red Sun

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Stunning red flowers on a tall stem. Best grown towards the back of the border for a striking contrast. Looks fantastic as a cut flower!



Red Sun Sunflower Seeds

Best planted and enjoyed in at the back of the flower border due to its striking red and bronze colour will add great contrast to any garden. Can be grown in bunches and cut and enjoyed as a cut flower for home or resale.

Very easy to grow reaching a high of 1.5meters with a flower head size of 10cm (100mm). If growing in exposed areas it is recommended to stake this sunflower as you would with any other sunflower plant. 

Common Questions

How do you grow Red Sun sunflowers? Plant your Red Sun sunflower seeds after the last frost of the spring, in a sunny spot sheltered from strong winds. Sow 2 or 3 seeds at a depth of about 1/2 inch deep with an average space of about 24 inches. Your sunflowers will appreciate well draining soil in a full sun position that are supported by stakes so they develop solid stems.

Can you eat Red Sun sunflower seeds? Yes. Sunflower seeds offer a great taste and are packed with nutrients, often grown in large crops and harvested for their natural oil. You can harvest Red Sun sunflower seeds that are being produced and make a delicious sunflower seed butter.

Why is my Red Sun sunflower closing? Once your sunflower head has completed the cycle of blooming and being pollinated you will find that the head begins to droop. Drooping occurs once your Red Sun's head has started producing lots of seeds and is ready to be harvested.

Red Sun Details

Germination Time
7 - 14 Days
Sowing Method
Start in Pots / Trays
Packet Seed Count

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