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Great-tasting onions can only be found grown at home! We tend to find all grown onions are sweeter, stronger and store for much longer. Growing onions from seed is much cheaper compared to buying onion sets although sets do have the advantage of not having to handle small seed you simply push the onion bulb in the ground and wait for the crop to mature.

We offer a range of onion seed including red and white onions, spring onions or salad onions, onions to pickle and shallots.

Onions are versatile and easy to grow from sets or directly from seed and store well. You will always have onions to hand if you grow your own.

Red Sun Shallot

500g Set. PRE ORDER 2023!

Delivery Jan - March


One of the best-loved red shallots available. Amazing flavour, high yields, and stores well.

Eschalote Grise

12 Bulb Set

Delivery Oct - Dec


Intense and concentrated flavour, highly sought after in French cooking. Not a common shallot...

Red Karmen Onion Set

250g set. Approx 75 Bulbs

Delivery March - April Dispatching MONDAY 21st March


TA lovely dark-red onion that produces a heavy crop of red-skinned bulbs with a sweet, yet...

Red Winter Onion Set

250g set. Approx 75 Bulbs

Delivery Late Nov - Dec


Pack with sweet flavor and sporting a brilliant color, this overwintering red onion will often...

Snowball Onion Set

250g set. Approx 75 Bulbs

Delivery late Nov - Dec


250g - Approx 75 Bulbs. Just as the name suggests, snowball is a bright white-skinned onion. A...

Onion Kit

Onion & Shallot Collection

Spring & Winter Sowing


Ever wish you could have a never-ending supply of onions?

Matador Shallot F1

100 Seeds per packet

Spring & Winter Sowing


A reddish-brown shallot with crisp reddish-white flesh. Stores well—sometimes all the way into...

Red Baron

200 Seeds per packet

Spring & Winter Sowing


A large, blood-red onion with excellent storage capacities and a wonderful, strong flavour....

Paris Silver Skin

800 Seeds per packet

Spring Sowing


A small onion with many uses, one of which is pickling. Also makes fantastic spring and summer...

Globo Onion

200 Seeds per packet

Spring & Winter Sowing


Huge, straw-coloured bulbs, ideal for both kitchen use and exhibition. Average weight is...

Senshyu Onion

300 Seeds per packet

Winter Sowing


An over-wintering Japanese onion yielding the first bulb onions of the season. Beautiful,...