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  • Vegetable Seeds
    <p>Here at Growseed we only stock only <em>the best vegetable seed</em>: seed personally grown and tested in the U.K. by us. We stock numerous varieties of vegetable seeds, garlic cloves, onion sets and more — all specially chosen to make your garden a smashing success. And, having grown each variety personally, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have, all from direct experience.</p> <p>Our vegetable seeds can be grown at home in the garden, balcony, pots, allotment or in the school grounds! Each and every verity listed is tested over 3 years before we even list the seed for sale, we want to offer the very <b>best vegetable seeds</b> on the market and we believe the best way to do that is to find varieties that produce a great tasting crop, has a high germination rate and yields to match.</p> <h2>Only the Best Vegetable Seeds</h2> <p>We are not looking to stock every seed on the market, nor the latest F1 or the latest growing craze! Quality over quantity. Each vegetable seed has a handy growing guide located on the page, however, any problems please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than willing to help with any problems you may have, share some friendly tips, or offer detailed growing/sowing instructions that best match your conditions.</p> <p>As time progresses, we hope to extend our stock of seed with both new varieties and popular time-tested vegetables, all, of course, tested first by us to ensure that only the best possible product arrives to your door.</p>
  • Fruit Seeds & Plants
    <p>Grow Seed stocks a range of fruit seeds and live plants, including the ever-so-popular raspberries and easy-to-grow strawberries. We also have rhubarb crowns and currant bushes (including black, red and white varieties).</p> <p><br />Live plants are sold only during specific times of the year – please see each fruit plant for specific sale availability times.<br /><br /></p>
  • Herb Seeds
    <p>Growing herbs from seeds allows you to choose the exact variety you want for your kitchen herb rack.</p> <p>Our range of herb seeds have been selected from our very own kitchen garden! These are the herbs we use weekly, easy to maintain, taste great and are a winner for any dinner!</p> <p>Herbs can be grown directly in the ground, enjoyed in pots both large and small. If you prefer to keep your herbs on a windowsill then all of our herbs listed below will grow just fine. Common kitchen favourite’s are <a href="https://www.growseed.co.uk/herbs/chives.html"><strong>Chives</strong></a>, <a href="https://www.growseed.co.uk/herbs/basil-greek.html"><strong>Basil</strong></a> and <a href="https://www.growseed.co.uk/herbs/thyme.html"><strong>Thyme</strong></a>.</p> <p>All of our herbs are perfect for homemade casseroles, roast dinners and any other dish you can create. <a href="https://www.growseed.co.uk/herbs/basil-classic-italian.html"><strong>Basil Classic Italian</strong></a> is a perfect match for a roma tomato if you wish to create and store tomato sauces for Bolognese.</p> <p>Herb’s really are easy to grow. The seeds are tiny but growing and caring for them is very easy, the more you pick the more they grow.</p>
  • Organic Seeds
    <p>Organic vegetable seeds are free from synthetic agricultural chemicals.  They are better suited for use in your organic garden than conventional seeds, and have not pre-treated with any form of chemical fungicide. The perfect choice for organic and environmentally friendly gardeners, each purchase of organic seed stock supports farms and companies that are committed to improving local, regional seed systems.</p> <h2><b>Organic Vegetable Seeds</b></h2> <p>Here at Growseed we have a very specific range of organic vegetable seeds. We trial all of our seed over 3 years to ensure great germination, taste and crop yield. We think we have selected some of the very best organic seed available today some maybe well known varieties while other names might be unfamiliar.</p>
  • Seed Deals
    <p>A collection of limited-time fruit and vegetable deals, available only through Grow Seed.</p>
  • Collections
    <p>Delicious &amp; easy to grow seed varieties including seasonal collections and greenhouse seed collections. Everything you need to get started we take the hard-work out of trying to find the perfect seeds for the right time of year.</p>
  • Easy Grow Vegetables
    <h2><b>Our Top 10 easy to grow vegetables, salad seeds and fruit for beginners</b></h2> <p>You might like the idea of growing your own home grown fruit and vegetables but have no idea where to start?</p> <p>Looking for some quick cropping crops? Or wondering which vegetables are easy to grow? Below we have selected what we like to think are the easiest crops to start with.</p> <p><b>Potato</b><br />Swift is one of the best all-rounder potato - apart from mashing! Producing a crop in with 20 weeks, harvest once the leaves have turned yellow. Simply pour some soil into a potato bag, add 2-3 seed potatoes and cover with soil. As green leaves being to grow, cover them up - leaving 2-3 showing and continue doing this until the potato sack is full.</p> <p><b>Radishes</b><br />Very simple producing results in as little as 35 days. French Breakfast and Malaga Violet are our two favorites, simply add the seed to a bed of soil cover and water. Once some small seedlings begin to show water well and continue to water daily to encourage the crop to swell and form a nice peppery crop. Perfect for salads.</p> <p><b>Peas</b><br />Oregon Sugar Pod is a brilliant introduction to Peas! You can pick and harvest the pea pods when they are small and flat making them a perfect mangetout for harvesting or simply let them grow a little bit longer and allow super sweet peas to form inside the pod. Peas will need support as they grow some chicken wire or a string trellis will do the job.</p> <p><b>Lettuce</b><br />Green and Red Salad bowls make an excellent starter crop. You can start to harvest the leaves once you have 6 or more from 2inches long, pick from the sides to keep the plant producing or let the lettuce grow into a large round ball. You can away the entire lettuce ball after 40 days or keep picking away at the sides to enjoy a fresh salad every day.</p> <p><b>Runner Beans</b><br />What garden would be the same without a runner bean? Butler produces long uniform pods, that are sweet and crunchy. Cane supports are needed or a fence to allow the beans to climb up and start to flower, once your runner beans start growing harvest them often to encourage a fresh supply.</p> <p><b>Beetroot</b><br />Cylindra is ready in a couple of months. Very easy to grow much like sowing and growing Radishes add a thin layer of seeds to soil and water well. Cylindra produces a long uniform crop. Excellent for slicing and storing or enjoyed fresh with your lettuce.</p> <p><b>Spring Onions</b><br />We like to grow our spring onions all year round that's why we have chosen White Lisbon, easy to grow and will grow in just about any climate and condition. Sprinkle some seeds to a pot and start to harvest once they reach pencil hight and thickness we like to enjoy them this young chopped and added to a range of dishes.</p> <p><b>Tomatoes</b><br />Every garden needs a fresh supply of Tomatoes Gardner's Delight and Moneymaker are two firm favorites they both produce a medium size tomato that will be sweeter than any shop bought a variety. Support is needed once your tomato plant starts growing not to mention plenty of watering.</p> <p><b>Broad Bean</b><br />Our best selling broad bean Aquadulce Claudia planted any time between September and March ready to harvest June / July produces a great size bean that is best enjoyed in a veg curry - but that's just our opinion. Can be grown in the ground or in a large pot.</p> <p><b>Strawberry</b><br />Although seeds are very hard for a beginner to start we recommend starting your strawberry patch with a handful of plants. Each plant will produce another 2 for you to add to your garden every year, year after year. Nothing beats a homegrown strawberry very simple to look after and if you have children they will love the fresh fruit.</p>
  • Greenhouse Seeds
    <p>Our greenhouse seeds have been selected specifically for greenhouse growing. Find all the typical seeds to grow in the greenhouse or poly tunnel from aubergine, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes as well as tailored growing kits for you to get started with with. Of course your greenhouse can be productive all year not just during the warmer months. </p> <p>Use your greenhouse to grow lettuce, carrots, radish, spring onions and more all year round.</p>
  • Vegetable Plug Plants
    <p>Nursery grown <strong>plug plants</strong> grown from our own <a href="https://www.growseed.co.uk/vegetables/">vegetable seeds.</a> We specialise in winter crops however we have plenty of tomato, pepper, aubergine, herbs and more on offer. All of our plug plants are dispatched via our unique posting solution ensuring no or very limited plastic is used so no bulky plant buster packets! And more often than not our plants will fit through your letterbox so you don't need to be home to accept delivery. </p> <p><br />Our vegetable plug plants are carefully grown using organic methods (these are not certified organic plugs) and are grown for 4-6 weeks until the plug plants are healthy and young enough to survive dispatch. With a short UK summer all of our plug plants will give you a ahead start to ensure a full and healthy crop.</p> <p><br />The majority of our plug plants are available all year. Although some are grown for spring / summer such as peppers and tomato plants. If your struggling to grow something at home let us know and we will grow that plug for you - for no extra fee! </p> <p><br />All of our plug plants are dispatched in a eco friendly pot that will degrade after 6 weeks of soil contact ensuing root systems are intact and have very little to no disturbance. Our pots are unique that allow the plant to be grown and thrive without the need to plant immediately on arrival although we always recommend you do so! The plan will thrive just fine in it's unique pot for 4 weeks - as long as you remember to water them! </p> <p><br />Not only are our <strong>vegetable plug </strong>plants very good value for money they are also grown and produced to have very little impact on the environment. </p>
  • Small Space
    <h2><b>Patio Gardening</b></h2> <p>Naturally compact vegetables such as radish, turnip, rocket, many herbs, beetroot, spinach, microgreens, and salad onions suit growing in containers where space is at a premium. In addition to these crops, our trail and error growing tests and recent plant breeding have resulted in a selection of high-quality vegetable varieties especially suited to these confined areas.</p> <p>The seeds below have been selected because they are perfect for small space gardening not to mention offer a little more choice allowing you to have a varied garden in a confined space. From a small window box, garden patio or even a balcony! Providing you water and offer sufficient light you should see a good production of high-quality crops.</p>
  • Trays & Pots
    <p>Here at Growseed we are all about quality and value for money. That in mind we are pleased to offer you our range of seed trays and pots. </p> <p>Grow your purchased seed with the help of our seed potting trays, or small seed pots. With a range of products to help you get your growing season off to the best possible start.</p> <h2><strong>Seed trays</strong></h2> <p>Great for drainage or for multi sown seedlings where being delicate is not important using a seed tray you can grow upto 4 times as many leeks in the same space, the same applies for spring onions, beetroot or make a great cut and come again crop tray for microgreens or salad leaves.</p> <h2><strong>Root trainers</strong> </h2> <p>Are perfect for getting your broad beans, sunflowers, french beans and sweetcorn established with a long deep sell to promote strong plant growth once your plant has established open the pot and remove the plug plant and transplant in a hole created using a dibber it could not be simpler!</p> <h2><strong>Small plant pots</strong></h2> <p>Or seedling pots are great for delicate crops where you may wish to take some care in getting the plant established and grown without damaging the root or shocking the plant. We suggest these seedling pots are best use for courgettes, marrow, sweetcorn, cucumbers and anything else where you want to control the seed count per pot.</p> <h2><strong>Propagators</strong></h2> <p>Our half tray propagators come with a lid to help keep moisture and heat focused on the soil these can be used with any crop however we recommend our propagators for tomato, peppers, chilli peppers, aubergines and cucumbers in fact anything you grow in a greenhouse you might want to start here.</p> <h2><strong>30ltr Potato tubs</strong></h2> <p>Fancy growing your potatoes in pots? Our 30ltr pots are ideal small enough not to take up much space but large enough to get 2-4 seed potatoes per tub to ensure a great supply. Just keep them watered during growth require a little bit more maintenance than planting directly to the ground but much easier to harvest!</p> <p>Once your plants are established why not take a look at our planting pots to move the pots to the next stage of growth.</p> <p></p>
  • Flowers
    <p>By request, we have decided to launch our range of flower seed taken from our own personal stock. Our flower seed stock and flower range is very small as we only grow flowers for the family and as the lady of the house really likes sunflowers and sweet peas that's all the flowers we tend to grow year after year. </p> <p>There are a few exceptions we grow a mass of marigold flowers every year to protect our strawberry plants the slugs tend to go after marigolds first making slug prevention very easy to control, also ants tend to hate marigolds there is something in the root system that keeps them away so protecting valuable crop with a cheaper flower is our preferred way over using chemicals or ant powder - more so when young children just like to pick the strawberry patch clean during the summer!</p> <p></p>
  • Dig for Victory
    <p>With the events of 2020 so far and the recent media coverage, dig for victory has started to see a resurgence. The dig for victory campaign was established during WW2 Men and women across the country were encouraged to grow their own food in times of harsh rationing.</p> <p>Growing your own food can be rewarding not only from enjoying a great tasting vegetable that is fresher than anything else found in the supermarket but it also helps the mind keep busy, active and healthily.</p> <p>Here at Growseed we have put together 3 kits for you to choose from these include:</p> <p>Allotment seed kit which contains at least 30 packets of seeds from root vegetables to salad mixes there is plenty here to grow and feed you all year long!</p> <p>Microgreens can be grown just about anywhere within 30 days you can enjoy a nice side dressing or small salad which is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.</p> <p>Fresh Salad mix, from baby leaf lettuces that can be enjoyed from 30 days to full blown ice burg lettuces, radishes and spinach.</p>
  • Seeds by Month
    <p>If you ever find yourself asking “What should I be sowing now?” you have found yourself in the right place. Sow, Plant and Harvest guides are found on each of our product pages but if you are looking for something to grow now simply click on the relevant month.</p> <p>Some of our seed selections may raise some eyebrows with the traditional gardener, however, please remember that our climate has been changing over the past few years and traditional sow and grow times have not really caught up!</p> <p>No matter if you are new to growing or a seasoned allotment holder, our handy list of vegetable to sow by month can help anyone no matter their experience.</p>
  • Black Friday Garden Deals
    <p>Limited time deals and discounts on a range of gardening tools, equipments and more importantly fruit and vegetable seeds! More discounts next year in 2021</p>



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